Windows 10 Start Button Not Working

You just as of late updated your framework to Windows 10, and everything was fine until today when you found that the Windows key or the beginning catch isn’t working any longer.

Windows 10 Start Button Not Working

Fix Windows 10 Start Button Not Working Issue

They are different reasons that can cause the blunder start button, not working or opening in Windows 10, and every one of them has an answer.

1. Use Microsoft Start Menu Troubleshooter

There is a product propelled by Microsoft called Start Menu troubleshooter, which is utilized to recognize any issue identified with the beginning menu and comprehend it.

• Download the product utilizing this connection.

• Now, open the product by double tapping on its symbol.

• Click the Next catch and start the sweep.

• Wait till the framework examines for the issue, and afterward, you would see fix alternative.

• After which you would see another window with every one of the issues fixed and press on the Click Detailed Information button.

The issue, for the most part, understands all the problems identified with the Start menu and would not discover any point if there is no issue with the beginning catch. Along these lines, for that case, you ought to allude to the underneath referenced advances.

2. Performing SFC Scan

The SFC represents System File Checker, and as the name proposes, an SFC filter is utilized to check for any adulterated document in the framework. To play out an SFC check, pursue the underneath steps:

• Clear direction brief in Admin mode.

• Enter the direction SFC/scannow and press Enter.

• The output may take a couple of moments to be performed.

The beneficial thing about the sweep is possibly it tackles the issue or says the client, what should be done to comprehend the subject. After the output is finished, restart your pc to make changes compelling.

Note: You may likewise play out a similar direction in the Windows Powershell moreover.

3. Running DISM order for example Windows Image Repair

This strategy can likewise fix the beginning catch on your Windows 10.

You have to utilize the direction brief since DISM is an order that fixes the Windows picture by expelling any blunder found while checking. To do as such, pursue the means:

• Again open the direction brief in administrator mode.

• Now enter the beneath direction, Dism/Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth.

• Let the framework fix the Windows Image.

After the sweep is finished, restart your framework and check if the Windows 10 beginning menu issue is comprehended or not. On the off chance that not, at that point, you may attempt the subsequent stage.

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